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Best .Net Training Institute Marathahalli | Best .Net Training Centre Bangalore

WeGuideTechnologies provides .Net training in Bangalore. We Train students from basic to advanced techniques. Training given by Industry experts in our .Net Training in Marathalli Bangalore. We offer professional Best .Net Training in Bangalore with 12+ Years Experienced Expert Level Professionals.
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  • What is .Net?
  • Why do we require Framework/IDE
  • Fundamentals of .Net Framework
  • .Net Architecture
  • How to create first Console application
  • Statements, Expressions, operators and operands in C#
  • Control Statements in C#
  • Fundamentals of C#
  • String data type and string methods, String VS String Builder
  • Var Vs Dynamic
  • We are into one of the best .Net Training Institute Marathahalli, Bangalore
  • Data Types(Value types and Reference types) with Practical example to differentiate
  • Collections (Array, Array list and generics would be covered after OOPS)
  • Exception handling
  • Static Constructor
  • Const Vs Readonly
  • Partial Classes
  • Indexers
  • Delegates
  • Events
  • Out and Ref
  • Optional Parameters
  • Anonymous methods
  • Lamda expression
  • Abstract class Vs Interfaces where we should use them
  • How does Garbage collection works in detail and Finalize vs dispose
  • Collections in Detail(Index based, Key based, Prioritized and Specialized)
  • .Net Training Institute Marathahalli – OOPs in detail(Encapsulation,Abstraction,Polymorphism And Inheritance) with Practical examples for below class members • Field • Properties • Constructor • Destructor • Methods/Functions • Access Modifiers – Private, Public, internal,Protected

Windows application

Will develop small windows application, In the process of developing the app will cover below concepts

  • What is Windows application and where do we use this application.
  • How to create new windows application
  • Windows Form life cycle
  • Controls in Windows application
  • Net Basics (Connection, Command, Data Reader, Adapter, Dataset)
  • CRUD operations using ADO.Net
  • Multithreading features of .NET
  • Deploying windows application
  • How to create n tier application


  • What is Web application
  • How does Web application works
  • Fundamentals of IIS(Create VD, App pool etc)
  • How to create Web application using VS 2015 IDE
  • Net request life cycle (3 stages which includes Page lifecycle)
  • Difference between Server controls and HTML controls
  • ISPostback and Auto Post Back
  • Redirection methods
  • Statemanagement Concepts in great detail Cookies Hidden field ViewState Query String Application Session(InProc, State server, Sql server)
  • User controls
  • Validating Asp.Net page using Validation controls and Javascript
  • Master page creation and Usage
  • Caching
  • Inline Grid Editing with Practical Example
  • Security with Great detail
  • Deploying Asp.Net application


  • Installing MVC
  • Creating First MVC Application
  • Controllers in MVC
  • Models in MVC
  • Views in MVC
  • Ways to create CRUD operations in MVC
  • Routing in MVC
  • Attribute routing
  • MVC lifecycle
  • ViewBag Vs ViewData Vs TempData Vs Session
  • Strongly typed models
  • Posting data from View to Controller
  • Model Binder
  • View Model
  • Partial Views
  • Dropdownlist control
  • Radio button control
  • Entity Framework detail explanation with Practical example
  • CRUD operations using strongly typed model(Small Project using MVC and Entity Framework)
  • Jquery Basics
  • CRUD operations using Jquery Ajax
  • Action filters in MVC
  • Result types in MVC
  • DataAnnatations in MVC
  • Bundling and Minification
  • Scaffolding
  • Serverside validation
  • Clientside validation
  • Dependeny injection
  • Deploying MVC Application using different techniques


  • What is Service Oriented Architecture
  • What is WCF
  • Advantages over Web services
  • What is ABC in WCF(Address, Binding and contract)
  • Contract in WCF Service Contract Operation Contract Data Contract Message Contract Fault Contract
  • Bidings in WCF
  • Hosting WCF application
  • Practical example for Self hosting
  • Practical example for IIS hosting
  • Exchange patterns in WCF Request/Response Oneway Duplex
  • Security in WCF
  • How does SSL work with an example
  • Transactions in WCF


  • What is Rest
  • Why WebApi
  • Formats in WEBAPI
  • How to create Web API application for all http methods
  • HttpResponseMessage
  • How to upload files using WEBAPI
  • Logging in WEBAPI
  • CRUD operations using MVC with WEBAPI
  • Async Services
  • Security in WEBAPI


  • Linq fundametals
  • Three parts of a Query Operation
  • Obtain the data source (Create the Query,Execute the Query Operations)
  • Transformations using Linq
  • Linq to Sql
  • CURD operations using Linq to Sql
  • Difference between Linq to Sql and Entity Framework